Two steps forward and one step back

After a few days of relative productivity – as productive as one can be with a baby – I slid into a spell of analysis paralysis and self doubt. I started a post and didn’t finish it and spent the day binge eating which I don’t normally do – correction – which I am normally able to gain awareness about quickly enough to stop it before it gets out of hand. Not so today – I knew I was stressed and that I was stress eating but I had buried in my subconscious why I was stressed so I had no remedy to stopping the stress eating. InshAllah tomorrow will be a better day. I saw an inspirational poster ‘what are you holding on from the past today’. Everything probably – that one is a tough one because doesn’t the past shape us for who we are? Perhaps I just need to focus on being present and not fearing that things won’t be perfect or good enough. We all have to start somewhere and also equally importantly celebrate the mini successes along the way. Here’s to a day ventured out in the snowy slush. Here’s to healthy spines and healthy living

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