Celebrating the victories

You gotta take the victories where they come. Mourn the failures and reflect on the mistakes. Victories:
– Getting baby girl to nap
– Spending more cuddle time with baby girl – she put her hand in the water and trying to eat the plant – Making some progress on to do list items
– Starting dinner ie cutting and baking spaghetti squash
– Not eating the Rice Krispie squares
– Making and sticking to a plan – going to the massage class and then to the Y

– Curbing the binge eating – eating way too many shortbread cookies – Spending an hour aimlessly on Facebook and random articles.

Mistakes / Points of Reflection
– watching my body language and facial expression when disagreeing with people such as at the infant massage class
– recognizing I am tired and finding activities other than Facebook todo when tired – finding an activity to replace emotional eating

Sent Remotely


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