Parenting Surprises

1. Being excited and relieved to smell poo Yay she’s not constipated and she pooped in the evening when her daddy can changer her and not the middle of the night when I have to changer and spend an hour winding her down from the excitement of a diaper change

2. Your body is still not your own (while breastfeeding)
Weight loss isn’t easy after pregnancy. Pounds seem to melt off some while stick on like tar for others. While breastfeeding, your body is still not your own – usual weight-loss tactics of mad exercise and starvation will drastically reduce milk supply and starve your baby.

3. Contemplating Shape-wear
Everything is jiggly after pregnancy. Suddenly you realize why so much of the weight-loss industry is about losing belly fat

4. You can still smile for your baby after a night of no sleep
I had no idea I had it in me. I love sleep. I used to not function without sleep while now I am seemingly able to keep going and going even after waking up 5 times in one night

5. Your baby is programmed to seek hazards
Your baby seems to beeline towards danger like a heat seeking missile – your phone, electrical chords, electrical outlets, plastic bags, dirt, you name it

6. You actually enjoy doing nothing except staying in
Sure you can go out to eat – struggle with a stroller in a restaurant, feed the baby, change the baby and put the baby to sleep in the restaurant but the food because a side show to the baby antics

7. How excited your baby is to see you EVERYTIME!
You may have a bad day and feel like you screwed up: when you forgot to change her diaper, when you were to afraid of offending your friend to tell her she was holding your baby wrong, when you didn’t catch her before you fell, when you accidentally exposed her to second hand smoke, when you were cross that she woke up yet AGAIN in the middle of the night – BUT despite all this, she still loves you and is so happy to see you all the time


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