Empathy, Money and God

Studies have shown that awe can make you become more empathetic – feeling something bigger than you draws you out of yourself (http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/an_awesome_way_to_make_kids_less_self_absorbed) and able to relate and empathize with others.

Reflecting on Allah’s power inspires awe making you a more empathetic person.
“”What is specified to be above is what is fitting to be on high, while what is fitting to be below is in the lower part. Much as a builder places stones at the bottom of walls and wood above them, not randomly but wisely and deliberately in order to make them firm. Whereas if that were reversed and he were to place the stones in the top of the walls and wood below them, the building would collapse, for its form would not have been able to stand up.

In like manner, one should understand why the stars are on high while earth and water are below, as well as the kinds of order operative in the vast sectors of the universe.

Everyone who has more abundant knowledge of these details has a greater comprehension of the meaning of the name al-Musawwir [Fashioner]. And this arrangement and conception is found in every part of the world, however small, all the way to the ant and the atom and even in every one of the ant’s organs.”

-Imam al-Ghazali

[Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of God]”

By reflecting on God’s wisdom you are spreading His compassion

Money on the other hand makes you less empathetic – less able to read facial expressions and more prone to aggression (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/06/psychology-of-wealth_n_4531905.html)


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