Do you hear your heart beating?
It’s not inside you
It is beating around you
It is her smile at your sight
It is his struggle to not be sick

Your heart
It lives
The scars
They are the past
They are healed

No need
To rip them open just to feel

We are here
There is so much to give
So much to live
So much to feel

Your heart is healing
The past is over
Feel the bumpy scars if you wish
Remember the pain if you must
But it is gone

So you can move on
Move on and feel

There is more love here than you could imagine
More love here than you could ever need

So don’t try
Don’t try to escape
These four walls
They are no prison
They are no hiding place
Sadness can sometimes get caught in the corners
Like cobwebs that don’t get swept up

But these walls – they only capture moments of joy
Of happiness
Of love

So stop
And put your disappointment away
Extinguish your flame of sorrow
Feel the force of love
That surrounds you
That grows bigger everyday
That grows so large
Your disappointment seems so small
So silly next to it

So stop and listen to love
It grows inside you and our of you

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