Steamy showers

Hana stayed up late last night. She screamed when we put her to bed – and it wasn’t her normal ‘It’s so hard to get to sleep when I am this tired’ – it was a different cry. A cry of anger and pain. After a few different attempts, we figured she was stuffed up so we set up a steamy shower to turn the bathroom into a sauna. We sat in there, all of us, in the semi nude getting her to inhale the mist. She was rosy cheeked and loving it. Staying up late and clearing her sinuses – later, we had to syringe feed her milk – she was too stuffed to feed properly 😦
In the shower, we were the picture of innocence. Mike holding Hana, stripped down of our clothes, we were in our raw state, revealed as ourselves – no pretensions, just a family of love. Despite all the stress of the crying, the staying up late, the illness, it was a special moment to remember – the refreshing, calming, sweaty sauna with my rosy cheeked bouncing little girl

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