Discipline, Goals and Planning

On this day 3 of my challenge to keep up my mini goals of daily 20 minutes on the bike, eating my vitamins, planking for 30 seconds and writing my blog post. So far, I have been doing okay – I missed writing on the blog yesterday and today I consciously decided not to get on the bike because I wanted to free up time to do some sewing.

Some reflections from attempting to keep up with my 4 mini daily goals:
– The Snowball effect: Doing one goal encourages me to do the other ones. It is nice that there is one goal that is super easy to do and doesn’t require much energy (the vitamins), and that plank should only take 30 seconds – with these two goals done I feel like I am half way there already!
– Reflection: Having to write a blog post requires a bit of self reflection in my day which helps to bring more meaning and purpose in my life not to mention it helps me learn more about my self and bring more self awareness
– Increased purposefulness: Having mini daily goals that I want to get done everyday makes me more aware of how I spend my free time. I waste less time because I know there are at least 4 specific things I want to get done by the end of the day. Today, I purposefully didn’t exercise so I had time to sew.

The challenge:
Its only day 3 since I set my mini goals but based on my past performance, I know there will be a few challenges that I will have to overcome:
1. Adding too many new mini goals: I have a tendency when I feel productive to try and tackle too many tasks and then I don’t get them all done and I feel discouraged and give up. I need to remind myself that discipline is hard work and I have to start with something and wait til it becomes second nature before I can add on more
2. Feeling bored / like I am not doing enough: Once I have gotten into a habit of doing these 4 goals, I can seem myself getting bored or feeling like I am not doing enough by committing to do only these 4. I will have to remind myself that these are actually 4 valuable goals and that by having discipline in doing these 4 I will eventually get to a spot where I can do more. I can also re-evalute new mini goal ideas as they come up to see if they should be promoted to a daily goal at the expense of an existing goal
3. Sticking with completing the mini goals: It’s easy to suddenly think – I have done these mini goals for a while and I haven’t accomplished anything. What am I getting out of doing these, what do I achieve. At this time, I will need to remind myself of the value listed above
4. Jumping back on the bandwagon when I fall off: I am sure there will be times, where I won’t do any of my goals for days at a time. In that situation, I need to keep going – to get back on the horse and keep going. There will be bad days, but its the effort that counts. No one is perfect and you have to start somewhere. I remember going to a lululemon goal setting seminar – they talked about some stagger statistic of how we fail most of the goals we set, you just gotta keep at it. So I just have to keep at it!

#selfimprovement #goalsetting


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