Anticipation vs. Action

My partner has been sharing more about his childhood with me. I find as the years in our marriage go by, we get to know each other more, like layers of an onion peeling away as we trust each other more. One of the stories he related to me was of this time he did something bad in school, something inconsequential but it ended up getting escalated and he needed to get something signed from his parents about what he had done. He said, he remembers being so stressed out about showing the consent form to his parents, but not what they did to him as punishment. It goes to show that sometimes, we can be so paralyzed by fear that we talk ourselves out of doing something when in the end, it isn’t really so bad. Like for example in our case, moving out of our current apartment. We knew it was the right thing to do, but the idea of moving everything seemed like such a monstrous terrible thing to do that we just couldn’t bare doing it and we dreaded it so much – but now that it is done – or in the process of being done, it feels like a heavy burden has been lifted and in the end it really hasn’t been so difficult to do. A profound lesson learnt – the anticipation of whats to come can often be so much more than the act itself. On a side note – apparently the same is true for vacations – the act of planning a vacation has all if not more of the benefit than the actual vacation itself according to research…


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