Managing Anger

When I was a child I was known for my temper. I would just lose it all the time – I remember being young and feeling this heat boiling up inside me and pouring out all this red hot madness. The rage would overtake me. It was so bad that I remember when I was getting married to M, my uncle thought it was a terrible idea because he didn’t think M could handle my temper! M helped me manage my temper though, being so thoughtful, and patient and empathetic, and listening to how upset things would make me. And for a while, I feel like the heat disappeared. And suddenly, it’s back. The feeling of heat inside me when I get upset. I am much better at managing it, and holding back the anger but I can’t make it dissipate and go away without having to talk it out with someone – which can be emotionally draining for the other person. Something to work on…


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