Sadness can be all consuming
You can drown in its waves
Feel a deep darkness form in your pit and spread through to the tinge in your fingertips A heaviness in your chest as your breathe
A greyness that hangs over the day even as the sun fills your apartment The numb mechanical motions you go through to get to the end of the day Until you sit down to confront it accept it and move on
Or pull others into it

It can spread like fire when you let it
When all that pulses through you is the rawness of emotion
When you don’t show restraint
When you don’t pull your heart out of it
When you don’t step out of it
And it spews out in your words in your actions
When you open your mouth and out spews darkness
Casting a spell on everyone around you

If you turn your head and look at it from a different angle It is possible to see it as a good thing
A way to connect with the suffering of others
If you try hard enough you can
Use it to reach out to others
To soften the blow others feel
To touch others sadness and overcome it

But it is a battle


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