energy part 2

‘Where do you spend your energy?’ via Eckhart via Super Soul Sunday via Facebook
On days that we go for hikes, or spend time outdoors, the images in my mind are not of my own thoughts, anxieties, aspirations or plans but of pure awe. Serene trees standing tall with the light falling on the leaves in a mystical fashion. Nothing is more beautiful and heart healing. It makes it easy to ignore the din and buzz of constant information. Hold on to that feeling

I spend a lot of time ‘optimizing’ – thinking of what needs to get done and the best way to get it all done in the most efficient manner. Grouping like activities together, shuffling time slots to fit in the most stuff and be the most productive. I have noticed that what gets lost in this constant rejigging of things is the enjoyment of life – of only being satisfied when everything is done perfectly. It makes for a high standard of satisfaction that is perhaps, if not impossible, very difficult. Perhaps the goal is to focus on what you want to get done, and make sure you get that done and then most importantly to let the rest go. To say its not important, that all that is important is what is your top priority. Getting cards printed and some sent out rather than the perfect card stock and cards for everyone.

So what should I be spending my energy on? Consciously deciding what is important and letting go of the rest. What am I holding on to that is holding me back?

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