Everyday on my commute home, we drive by the parkway and I wistfully look out my window at the sparkling water. Itching to be outside on my bike feeling the ocean air, the seagulls squawking. Instinctively, I look into the water, scanning for round brown objects that could be seals or otters. Everytime, the same rock catches my eye until today it finally clicked. There is no wildlife here to be scanning for, no seals or otters. Perhaps this is the one thing I miss most about being in Vancouver – living on the edge of wilderness. Being surrounded and constantly reminded that we do not rule the other, that there is a whole world untamed, bald eagles soaring, seals hunting, great swathes of mountains where our world as we know it, doesn’t work.

Here in the city, we have colonized the earth, and these parks are more memorials for this untamed beauty, not the celebration that is Vancouver’s nature.


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