Travelling without moving

As Jamiroqui would say it
This trip is about making it work
Rising above adversity
Rebuilding grit and having a good time despite all obstacles dammit, hehe It’s about nurturing the side of me that loves to awe at the world To feel a oneness with its people
To see beauty and capture its essence
To perhaps hold on to a moment in a way to stop it from moving

There is a profound sadness
An inability to escape my fundamental conflict
No way to resolve it – only escape the forces at work
Nature at its cruelest
My limitations exposed

How do I create wonder in my world
How do I connect with humanity
Build shared values
Create my community?

Is this something I want?

The key is that it is literally all in my head
What people think of me
It’s really what I think people think of me
It reveals more if me than it does of them
I can choose to think what I want about what people think of me My perception will confirm it

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