God is in complete control of all affairs

Believing that “God is in complete control of all affairs (wa huwa ‘alā kulli shay’in qadīr),” as the Qur’an so often states, means every challenge is also an opportunity. If God is on one’s side, no obstacle is too big and victory is guaranteed, whether in this world or the next. Imam Zaid Shakir explains this clearly when he writes:

“When we accept this reality we can move beyond the frustration and disappointment that is afflicting so many in light of the recent events. To emphasize that it is Allah who is the only effective “power-broker” in the world, reflect on the following verse from the Qur’an, ‘Say, O Allah, the owner of all sovereignty! You extend sovereignty to whosoever you please and you withdraw it from whosoever you please. You elevate whomsoever you please, and you debase whosoever you please. In Your Hand is all good, and You, over all things, possess power’ (Qur’an 3:26). Accepting this reality and understanding that it is actualized in our world, is one of the greatest manifestations of Tawhid, or the affirmation of divine oneness. In this case, we are affirming that there is one effective source of power in this creation — Almighty God, Allah. This has to be our starting point in moving forward

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